ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited

annual systems audit When you’re preparing for an annual calibration audit, Accurate Calibration & Repair Service Inc. will work with you to perform all of the pre-audit work for you. We make sure your equipment is meeting all industry standards. Usually, the actual audit is completed by a third-party auditing body, so we provide all of the necessary certifications for clients to reference for verification (see “Our Certifications”).

We understand that more extensive audits can often take up to five days. During this time, our experts will be happy to answer calls to respond to any questions from clients while they are going through their audit.

We offer pre-auditing services for the following services regulated by industry bodies:

  • Temperature Uniformity - Any qualified furnace work zone will require temperature uniformity. A Temperature Uniformity Survey and audit will ensure temperatures are accurate, consistent and safe.
  • Calibration - In order to guarantee that all measurements are NIST traceable and meet the major regulations, it is required to perform aerospace calibrations, instrument calibrations, and temperature calibrations.
  • System Accuracy - We use the correct tools to accurately test recorder systems and furnace controls in every control zone.

Contact us to schedule your annual systems audit. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, you can expect the highest quality for all of your calibration and auditing needs.