ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited

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Below are testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied clients. If you are a current or prior client of Accurate Calibration & Repair Service Inc. and would like to add your testimonial here, please click the link below.


You can always count on Accurate Calibration for a fast response and great service!
Jaime Gerlinger, Purchasing Manager
Shortly after starting my first job as Plant Metallurgist for a forging and heat treating company in Franklin Park, IL, I received a call from Roy at Accurate Calibration letting me know my instrument calibrations were due and asking if I wanted to schedule service. Being very green, I had to do some checking to see what he was even talking about, but after confirming it was indeed something we were required to do, I brought him in. After that, like clockwork, Roy would call up every three months to remind me that service was due until maybe after a couple years I finally had it together enough to beat him to the punch and schedule in advance. When I left that job a few years later and started working at a commercial heat treater in Melrose Park, IL, who did I see running uniformity surveys on my first day there? Roy from Accurate Calibration. And again a few years after that when I went to work at an aerospace company in Bedford Park... Accurate Calibration stickers on every furnace. So when it came time to find a new heat treat calibration specialist at my current company to ensure our CQI-9 compliance, it should be no surprise who I called in. Twelve years and four companies later, Accurate Calibration is still keeping me compliant (and occasionally still saving my ass). Thanks Roy!
Ben Ritchey
At Saporito Finishing, we have utilized the services of Accurate Calibration & Service for well over a decade. As a Nadcap approved, ISO 9001 registered company Saporito Finishing performs metal finishing of critical components for the Aerospace, Automotive, and industrial sectors among others. The performance of our ovens can very well mean the difference between a part that functions as it was engineered to perform or a part that fails in service potentially leading to harm and even fatalities. Accurate Calibration & Service gives us the peace of mind that our ovens are performing as they should through their years of experience and expertise. We have never had a finding in an audit from Nadcap, ISO, or any Prime contractor or OEM due to our ovens or the certifications provided by Accurate Calibration. As any quality supplier should be, Accurate Calibration & Service is a business partner and a critical part to the success of Saporito Finishing.
Jeff Logan, Vice President of Operations, Saporito Finishing Company
“Accurate Calibration has proven themselves to be a valued partner year after year. Their quality of service, prompt response, and attention to detail are key to keeping our heat treating equipment in compliance. Thank you, Roy, for helping us pass our Nadcap audits! We look forward to our continued relationship.”
The ADVANCED Heat Treating Team
Accurate Calibration & Repair Service Inc. has been an integral part of our Heat Treat upgrade and calibration program at Kropp Forge for over 14 years. They also have been a major contributing factor in our outstanding audit history performance with NADCAP and Aerospace customers.
S.A. Borcik, Q.A. Manager
Accurate Calibration has been our trusted source for calibration since 2002 (12 years). They are very dependable, a phone call away, and very thorough with their service. They were instrumental in helping us achieve compliancy for our NADCAP certification being very knowledgeable about the standard requirements, equipment needed, calibration schedules and training in house personnel. One of the best features of their service is their thoroughness in keeping track of when calibrations are due, calling to schedule them and making sure we have all the paperwork required. It is like having your own calibration team in your building….. just a phone call away!!
Teri Becker, General Manager, Electro-Max, Inc.